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Happy Holidays!

Alien SantaWe have come to visit you in peace and with goodwill.
— Klaatu

Here’s wishing you a bright and joyous holiday from the whole O*W*C gang!

If you’re feeling ambitious, send answers to these Christmas-themed SF trivia questions to The first one to get ’em all right wins a prize! Answers will be posted next Monday.

(p.s. – The O*W*C hosts regular SF trivia chats. If you’d like to participate, keep an eye on our schedule!)

Question 1: In this classic short story by Arthur C. Clarke, the remnants of a now-destroyed civilization are found within the Phoenix Nebula, the leftovers of a supernova that was once visible from Earth. Name it!

Question 2: The play “A Dixie Christmas Carol,” an adaptation of Dickens’ classic tale, was written by what well-known SF author?
A) Isaac Asimov
B) Allen Steele
C) Ursula Le Guin
D) Andre Norton
E) Orson Scott Card

Question 3: In Allen Steele’s Hugo-nominated “Zwarte Piet’s Tale,” Santa Claus comes to the colonies on what planet?

Question 4: “Santa Physics” has calculated that in order to make all of his deliveries, Santa’s sleigh must move at 650 miles per second. Flying at this speed, how many G’s of centrifugal force would the jolly old elf have to endure?
A) 175
B) 1,750
C) 17,500
D) 175,000
E) 1,750,000

Question 5: Jack McDevitt’s “Promises to Keep” is the story of a mission to save a woman stranded on Callisto five Christmases previously. Callisto is one of which planet’s moons?

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