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Link Dump

Time to clean up the ol’ Drafts folder.

Most Annoying Post-Apocalypses – A list from Topless Robot.

Squid Crafts – All kinds of patterns and instructions for making our favorite cephalopod.

Best Skin-Melting Scenes in SF – Now here’s a rather creepily specific list, courtesy of io9.

Alien Loves Predator – One of my favorite Webcomics has revived itself after a long absence. Best to start at the beginning.

Just in time for the holidays: Bid on a chance to have a newly-discovered bat species named after you or a loved one.

Chernobyl Matryoshka – Makes you chuckle and wince at the same time.

The 8-Bit Tarot – Tarot cards done in 8-bit video game style.

“Creative” Grooming – These people need a hobby.

Ashes to Caches – Amusing look at high-tech ways to dispose of your mortal remains.

Office Poltergeist – Little software widget to help you “haunt” a co-worker’s computer.

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu – Aaaaaaawwwww. (The FAQ is amusing, too.)

Ubuntu Satanic – Dark and spooky skin for Ubuntu Linux. This is all wrong, though. It’s Windows that’s for the damned.

This is my favorite Wondermark cartoon of all time.

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