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More Remakes

Alternate post title: “WTF, Hollywood?”

The Website at the End of the Universe recently pointed to a list of remakes (and a couple of sequels) to classic SF movies that don’t actually need remaking, such as When Worlds Collide and Creature from the Black Lagoon. I could at least see why they were planning to savage reinterpret these films, since they were fairly mainstream.

It’s been recently announced, however, there’s a planned remake of They Live and a sequel for Repo Man, and we’re now squarely in “Huh?” territory. Unless your budget is $1.98, I’m having trouble seeing how you’d expect to make money on a remake of a movie that wasn’t very successful to begin with. (The Repo Man sequel, incidentally, has a female star and carries “a serious message about the mortgage foreclosure crisis.” I couldn’t make this stuff up.)

Now that cult favorites are being dug out from under rocks, I expect that The Toxic Avenger, Krull, and Cherry 2000 can’t be far behind. Sounds like it’s time to hole up in a bunker with a DVD player and a Netflix membership.

Posted in Movies & TV December 11th, 2008 by Chip
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