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Comic Books to Movies

When Hollywood appropriates a genre, it really appropriates the holy living crap out of it.

With the success of Iron Man and the various X-Men movies, it’s not surprising that other comic books are being adapted for the screen. What is surprising–at least to me–is that a whopping 84 titles are scheduled for production.

Den of Geek is maintaining a frequently-updated list of comic books slated for adaptation. A few are sequels–another Batman flick, for instance, and two sequels to Sin City–but most are new. They’re even planning to drag poor ol’ Billy Batson onto the screen. Only…they’re going to make him dark, boogedy-boogedy. Now there’s an original idea.

This plethora of comic book specs may be because there are so darned many titles from which to choose, or may be because comics are often easier to successfully adapt than novels are. Should we be pleased that comic books are drawing Hollywood’s eye away from SF books, or dismayed that more “meaty” SF isn’t coming to the screen?

(via The Website at the End of the Universe)

Posted in Movies & TV December 8th, 2008 by Chip
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