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Geeky Wedding Rings

The ThinkGeek guys have done a roundup of geeky rings, entitled My Big NTFS Geek Wedding. I’m particularly taken with the armillary sphere.

A few that they don’t list are this Double Helix ring, this nut and bolt set, the Remember Ring (which I think I may have blogged about before, but looking it up would be too much like work), and this neat fingerprint ring. There’s also a nice laser-etched DNA ring here (about halfway down the page), and the same manufacturer offers rings inlaid with carbon fiber. And it almost goes without saying that there are loads of LOTR rings available, such as these and these.

Shadow and I have semi-geeky rings: They’re mokume-gane bands. Do you have a particularly SF-tastic wedding ring?

Posted in Science October 22nd, 2008 by Chip