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How to Cook an Alien

Remember what I’ve said before, about Websites that make you go, “Wait…what?” Here’s another one.

Greys are, naturally grey in colour, though they are as tall as blues. It is thought that they come from a colder planet than the blues. Their meat is generally tougher than blues, and also higher in cholesterol. Good for mincing for hamburger meat, although a wine based marinade will allow you to prepare a good stew or casserole. As their meat is tougher than Blues, more cooking time is needed.

A famous recipe, first tried after Roswell, in 1947, was a Sage and Onion stuffing, which is said to have brought out some delicate flavours in the meat.

The site includes tips on catching and skinning your alien, plus lots of recipes for making sure you use that last bit of leftover Reptiloid.

Link (via The Presurfer)

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