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Even Lamer Than Princess Python

The International Society of Supervillains blog (whose authors include King Oblivion, Ph.D., MW’s Head on a Robot Body, and Doktor Maxwell von Puppykicker the Third) have plumbed the depths of comics fandom to bring you the very worst supervillains of all time.

Ten-Eyed Man

Philip Reardon, a Vietnam vet who was partially blinded when he got hit with some grenade shrapnel, went totally blind one night when he accidentally mistook Batman for a warehouse robber. The warehouse blew up after his fight with Batman, burning his retinas. Afterward, a scientist somehow re-attached his optic nerves to the tips of his fingers.
The shrapnel must have also damaged Mr. Reardon’s brain, because he thinks it’s a good idea to go after Batman, who he blames for blinding him, under the moniker Ten-Eyed Man while wearing a costume calling attention to the fact that he can only see through his fingers. As a result, Batman, being the world’s greatest detective, deduces that he can simply throw something at the Ten-Eyed Man, shout “Catch!,” blind the guy, and win.

You have to wonder what kind of substances were being ingested to conceive of a couple of these.

Link (via Cynical-C)

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