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(Political) Science Fiction

io9 has figured out why Sarah Palin wasn’t a perfect replacement for Hillary Clinton in the minds of voters: Hillary is Star Trek and Sarah is Star Wars.

Sarah Palin is Yoda, Hillary Clinton is Deanna Troi
Sarah is full of wise sayings, even if they often don’t make sense and lack a certain amount of grammar. She seems like harmless and a bit goofy, until she’s under attack — and then she’ll start hopping around like a maniac. Hillary, meanwhile, acts kind of cold and uptight — but she really, really, no really feels your pain. And Hillary stands by her guy, even though he’s overweight and always running off to Risa to hook up with some Trill skank.

McCain makes a passable Emperor Palpatine, too.


Posted in Humor October 10th, 2008 by Chip
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