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Scientific (Fiction) American

CNET Editor Tom Merritt used the articles in October’s Scientific American as the basis for an SF novel(la) story treatment.

Marlin doesn’t have the genes to be a scientist. He knows that and the academic world he wants to break into very much knows it. While the law prevents them from outwardly discriminating and stopping him from trying, they certainly are far from encouraging. But Marlin won’t give up. He’s hit upon an amazing discovery that he thinks can solidify his position, genetic pre-disposition or no. In his research, he’s determined that the bell curve nature of space-time time could mean that existence bounces back and forth between identical mirror universes. Is the second time really farce? Marlin thinks he can prove it. But he’s been protecting a secret. He’s been using a precision brain helmet to aid his work. The helmet is outlawed altogether in many countries and only legal for medical diagnosis in others. Worse, someone is out to blackmail him and prevent him publishing his findings.

He plans to make this a monthly feature. I hope he does; SciAm usually covers such a diverse range of subject material that it’ll be interesting to see how he shoehorns everything in.

Come to think of it, it’d be fun to do this with other magazines too. Cat Fancy or Guns and Ammo as SF would be particularly entertaining.

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