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Meet the Star Wars Continuity Cop

Here’s a job that would drive most of us right up a wall: Leland Chee is responsible for keeping track of everything in the Star Wars universe.

His official title is continuity database administrator for the Lucas Licensing arm of Lucasfilm—which means Chee keeps meticulous track of not just the six live-action movies but also cartoons, TV specials, scores of videogames and reference books, and hundreds of novels and comics.

That’s 31 years’ worth of aliens, technology, plot twists, and storylines. It means that he actually has to know all about the Bea Arthur segment in the Star Wars Christmas Special, an act analogous to settling down with a paperback copy of The Necronomicon. The mind boggles.

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Posted in Movies & TV September 15th, 2008 by Chip
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