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Women Scientists in Fiction

The Visions database lists female scientists in fiction, in particular science fiction.

The database has three main purposes:

  • To collect examples of female scientists in fiction, both through my own research and through suggestions from the public
  • To collect, maintain and communicate these examples (with a view to possible expansions to include other areas, such as film & TV or biographies of real-life female scientists)
  • As a research tool enabling me to analyse the examples according to various factors such as date, gender of author, field of science practiced etc.

Each entry lists facts about the story in which the character appears, notes about her field of research, the author’s gender, and many more details.

The database is pretty limited at the moment–there are fewer than 100 entries–but public submissions are encouraged. I’m sure we SF fans can come up with a few scientists to expand the list.

Link (via Skepchick)

Posted in Books & Authors September 1st, 2008 by Chip
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