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Okay, It’s Funny.

As you’ve probably seen, well, everywhere by now, Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly) is experimenting with a new way of getting quality entertainment to his audience. He’s posting three short episodes of a super-villain musical comedy drama…thingie online, for free.

However! These episodes will only be available for a short time. Parts I and II have already been posted. Part III will go up on Saturday, July 19. Then they all go away at midnight on Sunday, July 20. Whereupon they will be made available for download for a nominal fee, and eventually they’ll all be available on DVD with mad extras. (See his Master Plan for details.)

I’ve been seeing references to this all over the blogosphere, but just got around to watching it yesterday. Drop what you’re doing and go watch this thing. Then go buy the DVD. Go right now!

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