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If Star Wars was Real

ElvisYou know those sites that occasionally make you go, “Wait…what?” Well, this is one of them.

The premise is that many elements of Star Wars actually existed in real life and influenced the films, but George Lucas has engaged in a massive cover-up to make his movies seem more original and imaginative.*

Anyway, the point of the site is to unearth the “proof” that Lucas overlooked: The photographs and other documents which clearly show aliens, spaceships, and droids have walked amongst us. In addition to this rare photo of Elvis with his bodyguards, there’s evidence that Frank Sinatra sang with the Modal Nodes, that Van Gogh was related to Yoda, and that Bigfoot is just a Wookiee.

The overall effect is sort of what you’d get if Erich von Däniken had had access to Photoshop and was possessed of more of a sense of whimsy.

They readily accept user submissions, so if you’ve got a photo of Hitler conferring with Grand Moff Tarkin or if your great-grandmother’s diary mentions a fling with the captain of the Millennium Falcon, I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Link (via Dark Roasted Blend)

*He could have accomplished this simply by having somebody else write the scripts for Episodes 1-3.

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