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w00t Indeed

The Phoenix Twitter feed reports:

Are you ready to celebrate? Well, get ready: We have ICE!!!!! Yes, ICE, *WATER ICE* on Mars! w00t!!! Best day ever!

Phoenix was keeping an eye on some bright stuff at the bottom of a trench, and it sublimated.

Link (via BoingBoing)

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Robots That Suck at Their Jobs

Cracked Magazine has put together a list of classic movie robots that are actually really bad at what they do. I hadn’t really considered this before, but yeah…they do suck.

That is of course the real problem with R2: He’s just a little rolling Deus Ex Machina device, who can pull out the right tool in any random situation as though he were Inspector Gadget. When the same tool would be handy in dozens of other situations, it’s never seen again. So either it’s bad writing or R2 is in a union.

Link (via SF Signal)

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