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Pink Raygun: SF Site for Women

Pink Raygun is a fan site that focuses on the modern fangirl, describing itself as “everything you’d expect from a genre site, but girly.” Editor Lisa Fary originally launched the site because she couldn’t find a place where women were having fun with science fiction and “just enjoying the sheer geekery of it.”

Their argument goes that little boys are encouraged in their interest of things like science and space travel, but girls who like that stuff are viewed as an aberration. That may have been true in the past, but I’m not so sure whether it’s still the case.

They appear to be casting themselves somewhat in a riot grrl mold; the header on each page includes a different quote from a female SF character, many of which aren’t particularly complimentary to men. (e.g., “Red, white, whatever … guys are all the same!” – Liz Sherman (Hellboy)) However, they take pains to stress that men are welcome to visit as well.

There’s quite a lot of content–a bit lopsided toward TV and movies–and it seems to be a pretty dynamic site, so check it out.

It’s…really pink.

Link (via SciFi Scanner)

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