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The Classic Science Fiction Channel

The Crotchety Old Fan really loves science fiction, and really really hates what the Sci Fi Channel calls science fiction.* So he’s scoured the Web for classic science fiction shows and has created a wonderful repository of links to old movies and TV episodes. There are hundreds of hours of programming to choose from, and he’s adding more all the time.

(I like his T-shirt design, too.)

(via BoingBoing)

*No, I mean he really hates it. His site contains an explanation of why he decided to put together the repository, and it’s titled:

Why Redefining Science Fiction as ‘What If?’ is the most idiotic, moronic, lame-brained, ill-considered, ignorant, wrong-headed, ‘congratulations, you’ve just won a Darwin Award, please go kill yourself now’, stupidest idea ever conceived of by man
How To Destroy Your Audience by Insulting Them To Their Faces

He isn’t amused.

Posted in Movies & TV June 6th, 2008 by Chip