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Happy Halloween

When hinges creak in doorless chambers and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls, whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still, that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight….

Although humanity is slowly emerging from the long, dark night of superstition, there are few of us who don’t relish a little scare now and then. There is plenty of science fiction with a spooky edge, from haunted spacestations to aliens who could definitely qualify as monsters. Turn the lights down, light a candle, and listen to the wind howl outside.

What are your favorite scary SF stories?

(p.s. – Happy Anniversary, Shadow! I love you.) :)

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Pixar to Tackle John Carter

(Not literally.)

Pixar, creators of Toy Story, Ratatouille, Monsters, Inc., and et cetera have chosen A Princess of Mars as their next project, with a view to doing a trilogy. They also intend to film the novel as a combination of live-action and computer animation, which is a first for them.

Whaddaya wanna bet that he’s not going to be a Confederate veteran in this version?

Link (via Sci Fi Scanner)

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Seven SF/Horror Films

Movie site Cinematical has a list of seven films with horror and science fiction elements. The post doesn’t really state that they’re considered the best SF/Horror films–and with Lifeforce as one of the entries I’m thinking there’s some bottom-of-the-barrel-scraping going on–but there’s no question that there’s seven of ’em, and they’re SF/Horror hybrids. If you’re planning a Halloween night movie marathon, take a look here for inspiration.

Link (via SF Signal)

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Earth Two

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted a belt of warm dust swirling around the young star HD 113766. It’s about 424 light-years away, and the formation is interesting because the star is just a bit larger than our sun and the dust belt is right in the sweet spot where temperatures will sustain liquid water.

The age is apparently just right, too. If the star system were too young, the disk would be full of gas and it would be making gas-giant planets like Jupiter instead. If it was too old, planets would have already formed.


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Time Bandits Map Reproduction

Time Bandits Map

Just look at this gorgeous thing.

Working from a series of scans, graphic designer Jon Heilman has created a replica of the “time portal” map from the movie.

The newest DVD of Time Bandits contains a small foldout of an actual screen-used map. It’s very beat up, has lots of weathering and seems to have been poorly assembled from multiple scans (probably made by simply placing the map on a flatbed scanner) so that some details are lost or misaligned. Also, the clock panels are completely cut off. However, this scan combined with a couple images from books I have plus every screen capture I could make served as enough reference material to create a very accurate replica.

The maps are printed on canvas and measure 40″ x 24.5″. The artist is selling them for $90. I don’t know if any licensing issues are going to crop up, so get ’em while you can.

Link (via BoingBoing)

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CA Wildfires

DerHexer forwarded this note from Gandalara:

Writing this quick before I lose power again.

The remains of my neighbors’ 2 trees are in my driveway and front yard.

Power outages and can’t go to work (MSJC) – never even tried to go on the road Monday. College is closed – air-conditioning units were blown off roofs, mature trees were blown out of the ground and the college’s football scoreboard was ripped out of the ground. There are *sand dunes* in the streets.

Several friends (fans) have been evacuated in San Diego – 2 of them are pretty sure they’ve lost everything. Two friends in the mountains (Lake Arrowhead fire) haven’t checked in, but I saw their house burning on TV.

If you’re a CA reader of this blog, please let us know you’re okay. If you’re elsewhere, please give a thought to those caught in this mess.

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One Gigabyte

1 GB

On the left, 1 GB of storage in 1987. On the right, that little teeny thing in the person’s hand? That’s 1 GB today.


(via Twenty Sided)

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Online Game Based in the “Honorverse”

Honorverse: The Online Game is, unsurprisingly, a game based on David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. The game itself isn’t due until next fall, but the Website has recently launched and includes a game description and trailers. (And not a whole heckuva lot else. The Web developer in me is unimpressed.)

As the leader of a star nation, the future of your people is in your hands. You will lead a unique nation with distinctive character and people. You will set military, technological and social policy; you will design and build fleets of ships to explore the galaxy; you will battle other players for resources and planets, and protect your interstellar commerce.

But it’s not all work. You can compose a national anthem, design your flag and insignia, and watch with pride as your star nation’s sports teams bring home glory.

It appears to be an MMORPG, somewhere between Second Life and SimCity. If you’re a fan of Honor Harrington, now’s your chance to wait with breathless anticipation until you can play the game.

(via SF Signal)

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Sam Raimi to “Reinterpret” 20,000 Leagues

He’s producing rather than directing, but his next project is an “updated” 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

[“Leagues”] is something that has very rich characters, that can be realized in a very different way. I don’t think it’s screaming to be re-envisioned because of the special effects, but that naturally could be updated. There’s a lot of characters and interaction that could be realized to a greater degree in a remake. That’s what makes it so interesting to me.

Any remake that doesn’t feature Kirk Douglas singing is probably an improvement.

Link (via SciFi Scanner)

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O*W*C Message Boards Currently Disabled

It’s been pretty rare for legitimate users to post in the boards lately, and I’m getting three or four bogus signups every day. I’m temporarily disabling the boards until the spammers decide to go play elsewhere.

If you’ve got news you’d like to post, please e-mail and we can blog about it instead.

Spammers. We hates them forever.

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