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R.I.P. Madeleine L’Engel

The award-winning author has died at the age of 88.


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Our Kind of “Make a Wish”

ArsGeek is taking up a collection to send a 15-year-old fan with severe cerebral palsy to ComicCon 2008.

Jonathon’s use of his body is limited to some use of his left hand. He’s enriched his life through the idea of superheroes – people who can literally do anything. His love for superheroes and all that they stand for has helped him through some very rough times, for instance by taking on their persona’s before and after operations.

Jonathon has a true love for all things superhero. Comics, movies and video games, they have all given him joy and strength and he would like nothing more than to meet the people behind his passion. We’re going to do the best we can to see this dream come true.

Sounds like a worthy cause to me.

Link (via SF Signal)

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