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Yes, I know Chip doesn’t like pictures posted here. And yes, I know it’s waa-aay down the page.

But this is priceless, for those of use who have been in elevators at a convention :-)


Updated: Chip doesn’t mind pictures as long as they don’t futz with the navigation. Please click the thumbnail to view full-size. — Chip

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DM of the Rings is an online comic which envisions Lord of the Rings as a standard Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It’s funnier than it has any right to be, and you will spend entirely too much time reading it. Um, not that I would know.

Link (via Slumbering Lungfish)

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I’d Say the Title is Prophetic

SF Signal has a very positive review of It’s Dead Jim, the latest CD by Warp 11, a Star Trek tribute band. I barely know where to begin with this. I knew there were Trek-themed bands out there, such as the punk “No Kill I,” but I didn’t realize anybody had cut an album. Verily, I have been living under a rock. On Talos IV.

Tracks include “Gotta Make It So,” “Jerk My Kirk,” “Trekquiem,” and “Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency.” The review says that this album will appeal to Trekkie and non-Trekkie alike, but I’m having a little trouble swallowing that last bit.

And the band has a Website! I’m speechless.

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