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She Branded Me with Science

Atom TattooFor something a little more original than “Mom,” check out this collection of science-related tattoos. (There’s even a squid!)

Link (via Cynical-C)

Posted in Ephemera August 16th, 2007 by Chip
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Quick! To Woot!

Squidbucket ShirtThis most awesome “Squidbucket” shirt is only available for this price today!


Many thanks to Myst for turning us on to this lovely!

Fortunately, for those who are don’t obsessively check this blog for new content every 15 minutes,* if you miss today’s squid you can always pick it up at a slightly higher price in their Second Chance Archive. (Check out some of the other shirts in there too; I’m rather taken with the “condiments in space” one.)

*Or, y’know, haven’t subscribed to our rss feed.

Posted in Ephemera, Squid August 16th, 2007 by Chip
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