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Fast Forward 1: SF Review

Cory Doctorow has a lot of glowing things to say about Fast Forward 1, the first installment in an SF anthology edited by Lou Anders.

Volume one has some stupendous stories. In Kage Baker’s humorous space opera “Plotters and Shooters,” a dysfunctional space-station’s cherished defense corps are upset by a tightly-wound otaku. In Elizabeth Bear’s creepy “Something-Dreaming Game,” a kid’s game of autoerotic asphyxiation is the key to communications with an alien race. In Ken MacLeod’s sacrelicious “Jesus Christ, Reanimator,” the returned Christ has to convince a skeptical world that he’s not just a nanotech Bush-robot. Ian McDonald’s “Ranjeev and Robotwallah” takes place in the same world as his brilliant epic novel, River of Gods, a cyberpunk balkanized India haunted by AIs. Gene Wolf’s “Hour of the Sheep” has the dreamlike feel of his best work. There are also great contributions from Sargent and Zebrowksi, Robert Charles Wilson, Mary Turzillo, and Justin Robson. At 400+ pages, there’s plenty here for everyone.


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