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Logic Goats–Uh, Gates…No, Goats

Logic GoatsHere’s a papercraft project that I find much more amusing than it probably ought to be. Teach kids how logic gates work by way of goats.

The central processing unit lies at the heart of every computer, a vast collection of microscopically small switches and logic-gates. Now, through the power of paper we bring you those same logic gates in goat form.

Presented here are the and-goat and the or-goat. The and-goat will nod his head only in you press the right button AND the left button. The or-goat nods his head if you press the left button OR the right button OR both buttons.

I like that there’s both an AND goat and an OR goat. I’ve been trying to think up a subtle way to work in a reference to a NAND-y goat, but unfortunately there’s no way to make something that geeky at all subtle. (Of the approximately six people who read this blog, one just chuckled.)

Anyway, Link (via BoingBoing)

Posted in Computers & Internet, Ephemera January 18th, 2007 by Chip
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