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The Thing That’s Wrong

I had a sort of unpleasant “A-ha!” yesterday at work. I’m a government contractor who works on-site, and unfortunately this means that I have to attend a lot of the meetings usually reserved for federal employees or souls in the First Circle of Hell. I had to go listen to one of the new Undersecretaries introduce himself yesterday, and he said something in passing that really struck me; but not, I’m sure, the way he intended. It was in the context of research and technological advancement, but what he said was, “We had the space program in the 60s, and defense programs in the 70s and 80s…and 90s.” I kind of felt like Ruk the android* (“That was the equation!”): There, in a single sentence, is why, 40 years after going to the Moon, we’re finally planning to…go back to the Moon. :::sigh:::

*Only shorter. And less bald.

Posted in Ephemera January 9th, 2007 by Chip
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