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A Short History of Hacking

Neatorama has an interesting look at the history of hacking:

Fiddling with modern technology used to mean prank calling the Pope. (Hey, Steve Jobs did it, and now he’s the CEO of Apple!) But these days, it can mean hacking your way into some serious prison time, jeopardizing national security, or worse. So when exactly did this underground art form take a turn for the nefarious? And what’s a cereal-box toy got to do with it all? mental_floss takes a brief look at the godfathers of hacking, including the geniuses who think your antivirus software’s a joke.


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To Boldly Go…Oh, Not Again

Episode GraphicMore than forty years after the original Star Trek series was cancelled, a group of fans is resurrecting it…by acting as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy and financing the cost of production themselves.

From their FAQ:

Q. What is the premise of the new show?
A. The new show will be the continuing voyages of Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701 as seen in the 1966-69 television series, Star Trek. The series was cancelled after its third season. We are restarting the series as if it were in its fourth year.

Link (via Neatorama)

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Supernova Caught Exploding

Swift SatelliteTeams of international scientists have used observations from NASA’s Swift satellite and other telescopes to witness the evolution of a cosmic blast into a stellar explosion or supernova. It is the second-closest gamma-ray burst ever detected and the first view of a supernova in the act of exploding, according to the astronomers.


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