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Two Words: Nazi Dinosaurs

Propaganda Poster. Steam’s Dino D-Day is a multiplayer game in which the Nazis have resurrected dinosaurs. Destructoid has a rather wonderful gallery of “propaganda posters” set in the milieu.

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Toccata and Fugue in D: Drive

It’s not uncommon for computer hobbyists to use vintage floppy drives* for uses other than they were originally intended. George Whiteside has connected four drives to a micocontroller and uses them in a rendition of “Phantom of the Floppera.”

This is the kind of thing geeks do to amuse ourselves.

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*As someone who learned to program on a Commodore 64, I would like to register an audible wince at the concept of floppy drives being veritable antiques.

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The Chase

Intel created this video to illustrate the performance capabilities of its new chip. I like it.

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Institute for the Future: Map of the Robot Renaissance

via Boing Boing

Introduction to the map

Introduction to the map

Last week, my colleagues and I at Institute for the Future held our Robot Renaissance conference, where we presented our research on the future of robotics. As part of this year-long project, we developed the above map to summarize our big forecasts and present some striking signals, present-day examples of technologies that we think indicate or embody a future trend. As with much of our work at IFTF, this map, lovingly designed by our creative director Jean Hagan, is available for free under a Creative Commons license. I hope you enjoy it! Klaatu barada nikto!

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YouTube Time Machine

One night Justin Johnson was chatting with his friend Delbert Shoopman, thusly:

I was regaling him with the tale of my previous night, in which I had been up very late watching Michael Jordan videos from 1996. It made me feel so awesome deep down inside … like it was Sunday afternoon, and I was 14, sipping on a milkshake and watching my fav team play. That Jordan-fest lurched into a 4 am search for Primal Rage videos, and countless other mid-90s stuff.

I realized then, that it wasn’t specifically Jordan or Primal Rage videos I was searching for … it was 1996 … the feeling of being in 1996 …the intangibles of that year fascinated me, but getting bogged down in the specifics and having to make CHOICES eventually spoiled my quest.

So they decided to build a Website where you can wallow in nostalgia without having to make those choices. YTTM.TV currently features over 4,000 YouTube videos, covering dates ranging from 1860 (the first sound ever recorded) to 2010 (everything from a SuperBowl Gatorade ad to a trailer for TRON Legacy). In addition to selecting a particular year, you can also choose the type of videos you’re interested in: Video Games, Movies, Current Events, and several others. Toggle the content, choose a year, and a matching video will play at random.

Choose your favorite year and in no time you can relive the Howdy Doody test pattern, a trailer for Cheech and Chong, or a news report about Hurricane Andrew. It’s really kind of eerie.

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Geek Mom

GeekMom LogoWired’s popular GeekDad blog has spawned GeekMom, a new site aimed at moms who are geeks and moms who are married to geeks. Ken Denmead announced the site’s launch on GeekDad:

Ever since I took on the job of Editor at GeekDad, and would meet people at events like Maker Faire, the question I kept hearing over and over was “but what about GeekMom?!” Sometimes it was spoken with a bit of humor, but more often with a sense of real desire to see such a site.

To the best of my ability, I’ve always run GeekDad to be as much as parenting blog as it is a dad blog, to the point of including four wonderful geeky mom writers on our team. But it comes down to the fact that a site named GeekDad will always skew just a bit to one side of the gender line.

So if you’re looking for a geeky perspective with a slightly more feminine slant, I guess this is the site for you.

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Visual arts student Alexander Lehmann spent three years working on this film as his graduation project. It’s a music video for a Dutch band called NOISIA, and it’s kind of amazing.

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This is Uncomfortably Plausible

How to access the internet…in 2025.

Before signing on, please ensure you have received your RealIdentity card from local authorities. Signing on to the internet without identifying yourself has been ruled illegal in the Stop Anonymity Act of 2012, and you need to be sure to associate your comments, emails, posts and more with your real name.

Link (via Dark Roasted Blend)

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Moonbase Alpha

NASA has developed a commercial-quality video game called Moonbase Alpha, which requires players to get a lunar base’s life support back online running before everyone suffocates.

The game imagines a base in the year 2020; a meteor strike disables its life-support systems, and one or more players must get it running in 25 minutes. The game requires an understanding of the base’s systems, and the use of robots in areas that are too dangerous for humans. The project is a proof-of-concept to determine whether a video game can inspire interest in real-life science and technology.

Here’s a trailer for the game:

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“Captives of the Eidolon of the Unthinkable”

From Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual comes Cornelius Zappencackler’s Pulp Sci-Fi Title-o-Tron. Keep refreshing the page and thrill to Strange Space Beast of Europa, gasp at The Forgotten Perisphere of Earth, and be amazed by Transformed by the Atomic Creature.

The rest of the site is pretty cool, too. I especially like their Ask Me About My Death Ray T-shirts.

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