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Scientists find new squid in Indian Ocean depths


Scientists have uncovered a new large species of squid among 70 types gathered during an exploration of the depths of the Indian Ocean, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature said on Monday[2010.11.15].

The 70 centimetre (27 inches) long new species is part of the “chiroteuthid” family with light emitting organs that attract prey in the darkness thousands of metres (feet) down close to the craggy seabed, the IUCN said.

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On Originality (Also, an Octopus with a Balloon)

octopus and balloon embroidery pattern

It’s an embroidery pattern – but it’s an octopus! on an exploration, no less…

by corvustristis

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Cakes for Geeks

via Twitter: ´╗┐Yay! … unlazied? RT @GettingMauled: @mightymur ‘s birthday cake on cakewrecks! now I can say I unlazied!

— so i clicked on the link (of course). i’ve been to Cake Wrecks before, but these were special! 7 cakes of geek inspired goodness, posted either because they were seen at DragonCon or reminded the author of the event. my favorite was the last cake posted, but only because i collect dragons :-) i think, however, the wedding cake was particularly awesome; it must have been much larger than it looks in the photo.

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Tentacles are for Hugging

TentaclesDot from Dabbled has been featured here before, as her squid fixation fits right in with our cephalopodesque sensibilities (we even hired her to design our logo).

She’s posted a couple of adorable Valentine’s Day cards, free to download and print. This cute little squid is here, and the Jonathan Coulton-inspired Code Monkey is here. They’re both adorable and perfect for a geeky Valentine’s celebration.

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Fossil Squid Drawn with Own Ink


We haven’t done a squid post in ages.

Paleontologists digging at a Victorian excavation in Trowbridge, UK unearthed a 150-million-year-old squid (Belemnotheutis antiquus) whose ink sac was so well-preserved that they were able to reconstitute it and draw a picture of it using its own ink. Which is either really cool or the final indignity; I’m not sure which.

Link (via The Presurfer)

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O*W*C SquidI have previously sung the praises of the fabulous Dot over at Dabbled, whose fixations include robots and cephalopods.

At some point it occurred to me that she was uniquely suited to design a new logo for the O*W*C, and despite the fact that she is much too good for us, she agreed to do it.

A range of T-shirts and other logo stuff (like coffee mugs) is now available at CafePress, all with Dot’s unbelievably gorgeous new O*W*C squid.

Dot was a dream to work with, so if you’ve got logo needs of your own I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Yay, space cephalopods!

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Straight to the Heart of the O*W*C Demographic

Talking Squids in Outer Space

Any other commentary would be entirely superfluous.

(via SF Signal)

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This is Completely Awesome

This short video shows some really amazing behaviors of cephalopods and other sea life. It’s shocking how much we don’t know about our own back yard.

(Hat tip to Professor Fate)

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Santa PodApparently it’s like Festivus, but with more squid.

This sadly-neglected holiday is coming up on December 22, so there’s still time to get something slimy for your loved ones!

Link (via Cynical-C)

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A Very O*W*C Christmas

OctophrostMad crafter FutureGirl recently created “Octophrost, Santa of the Sea,” a cute little octopoid ornament. A woman whom I can only describe as relentless requested the pattern so that she could make an ornament for each of her ninety-nine grandchildren and great-grandchildren (I guess I could also describe her as fertile).

The result is a Christmas tree entirely covered with felt octopi, and it’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen. I’m sure that the tree in the corner of the Other*Worlds*Cafe looks just like this, only with squid.

Link (via BoingBoing)

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