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Title: Rescuing the Future
Author: Vincent Miskell

Naomi Kinder is back with her friend Bonnie and her friend and lover, Leo, plus some new friends she makes along the way. This adventure is even more complicated for Naomi because it involves time travel and how they became the stuff of legends--or at least a children's story (dating back to their tussle with a black hole in Godspeed Inc)--and nanobots (the little dickens).

I loved the characters (the Medusan Marines were outstanding!), and I really enjoyed the story; as a matter of fact I finished it in one reading because I had to know what happened to everyone, including the main characters, the infested people, and especially Earth! (I did take breaks--to take the dog out, etc.--because reading for pleasure at the computer is something l rarely do. For the first time I saw a reason for buying a reader like Kindle or Nook.) I recommend this book because it's a great story, the quality of the writing is excellent, and the beauty and science of the background don't interrupt the story.

Note: Adult content

Reviewer: Joy V. Smith

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