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Title: Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear
Author: Jody Lynn Nye, editor

This is an anthology which I thought had a greater percentage of good, even excellent stories than usual. It has a great concept: Mothers; and the dedication page has an individual dedication from each author.

From Your Mouth to God's Ear by Ellen Guon: Excellent story about computer programming.

I Told You So by Michael Scott: A daughter's downfall. I didn't care for this one.

You Never Call by Robert Lynn Asprin: A funny war story. I liked it.

A Mother's Lament: Poem by Judith R. Conly: Why don't you ever calll?

Your Face Will Freeze Like That by Morgan Llywelyn: It does. I'm not sure if the daughter is happy about it or not. (I didn't care for the daughter; she wants only to hurt her mother and whines a lot.)

What's the Magic Word? by Jody Lynn Nye: Spies, magic, and fun.

Don't Go Out in Holy Underwear by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough: Very good story about a daughter's undies.

Would You? by William R. Forstchen: Interesting twist on lemmings, but not great.

Just Wait 'til You Have Children of Your Own by Esther M. Friesner: Excellent take-off on Medea and Jason.

You'll Catch Your Death of Colds by Bill Fawcett: Another very good story.

The Golden Years:Respect Your Elders by Anne McCaffrey: A look at old age...

Maureen Birnbaum Pokes An Eye Out by George Alec Effinger: Another one I really liked.

Clean Up Your Room! by Laura Anne Gilman: AI as mother--good.

Return with Your Spacesuit or On It by Eleanor and Christopher Stasheff: Son leaves home and his mother and girl friend...

Don't Go Near the Water by Terri Becket and Chris Power:Like the preceding story, it's an old concept--one I've never cared for.

Mother Knows Best by Josepha Sherman: "Children," she thought fondly,'can't live with them, can't eat them." Very good story about alien felinoids.

Accidents Don't Just Happen--They're Caused by Elizabeth Moon: Mother and daughter relationship--good.

The Starving Children on Mars by Mike Resnick and Louise Rowder: Another very good computer story.

Don't Put Them in Your Mouth, You Don't Know Where They've Been by Diane Duane: Girl meets alien mother and children--another very good story.

So, unlike most anthologies, there are a lot of very good stories here, which is why I kept this one.

Reviewer: Pagadan

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