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Title: War of the Worlds:Global Dispatches
Author: Kevin J. Anderson, editor

This is a great read, and the writers in this anthology did a lot of research. I loved "Night of the Cooters" (about a Texas sheriff)and the Emily Dickinson story. I didn't like the Jack London story; I don't remember Jack London that way, and the story left a bad taste in my mouth. The Lovecraft piece was disappointing. In some cases, appreciation of the story might depend on the reader's familiarity with the writer or other personage (in the story). There are stories about Lowell and Schiaparelli (canali doesn't mean man-made canals), Picasso, Teddy Roosevelt, Rudyard Kipling, and a number of others. They are all interesting. The Martians are really blood-thirsty! It's an excellent anthology utilizing H.G. Wells' concept.

Michael Conrad, award-winning SF artist did a great painting called Night of the Cooters with the Martians. (I got to see it at an SF con.) Btw, the Jack London story won a award, as did the Emily Dickinson story, or perhaps they were only nominated. Drat; can't remember the award either.

Reviewer: Pagadan

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