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Title: Foreigner (Series)
Author: C.J. Cherryh

Oh no one IMHO can DO aliens like this lady can. She can make you SEE into the aliens minds just a little bit. And as always is a great author in all the other ways as well. I'd count this series as hard SF and well worth the read. In these books CJC takes us to meet some lost space travelers, who landed on a planet with an tool using race already there. Ok about that "prime directive"? You can forget that with this one. Plot mostly deals with the interacting of one human to the aliens. And as I said above no one does this better. It's almost scary the sense of isolation and sense of shock you get from our hero? Hero? This guys just trying to survive. And does he "go native"? You read it and tell me! This one is a MUST READ go out get it now. Ok when you get a chance.

Reviewer: Techyo

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