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Title: Pacific Empire
Author: G. Miki Hayden

An alternate history by G. Miki Hayden. JoNa Books, 1998.

Before the Germans alienate the Japanese so that each country pursues its dream of conquest separately, Baron Shimazo, in Germany on a diplomatic mission, extricates Miriam, a Jew, from the clutches of the Nazis. He takes her back to Japan, where her fate becomes intertwined with the future of the Baron's family. Murder, kidnapping, and revenge are part of the fabric of this story of Japan's conquest of the Pacific islands after the total destruction at Pearl Harbor and America's withdrawal... This tightly woven story, rich in history, complex personalities, and an alien mindset, covers a time period from 1931 to 2003, when Americans are welcomed back to Hawaii even though they have plans to take possession of the islands... This is a good read. I highly recommend it. From JoNa Books, Box 336, Bedford, IN 47421; $14.95, postpaid. And Amazon.com

Reviewer: Pagadan

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