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Title: The River Wall
Author: Randall Garrett and Vicki Ann Heydron

The conclusion to the Gandalara Cycle......Ricardon and Tarani live through a massive quake and volcano eruption, save the wild Sha'ums from being poisoned and solve the problem of the lack of Sha'um riders, track down the evil one for the last time, and the secret of Gandalara is ..... :) A side note on the authors of these books: As a married couple, they completed a broad outline on the entire Cycle and almost finished the draft of 'The Steel of Raithskar' when R. Garrett was seriously and permanently injured in the mid 70's. She finished the books in his memory. Glancing back through these books, I realized that I liked the Big Cats much better than Tarani.

Reviewer: Gandalara

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