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Title: The Gandalara Cycle II
Author: Randall Garrett and Vicki Ann Heydron

Halfway around the world, finally in possession of the Ra'ira, they promptly lose it because of political intrigue. To get it back, they must find something as strong or stronger than the gem. Off on another quest! This time to find a potent historical symbol, a sword made of iron (Gandalara is an iron-poor planet). The major problem is that it was last seen in the city of Ka, and Ka disappeared a long time ago. An interesting side story in this book is about Keeshah and his decision to start a family <G> The sha'ums conversations always make me smile. The book was origanally released a three short novels, 'The Well of Darkness', The Search for Ka', and 'Return to Eddarta'.

Reviewer: Gandalara

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