QUOTES: BACKGROUND Chatter from our chatters.

When we moved chatrooms on AOL in 1996, we discovered that our forum's main screen had a space to display quotes from our chats. We changed this quote daily; our hosts chose a quote or two from each of their chats, and the best got their moment in the sun on the O*W*C screen. We continued the tradition when we moved to the Web, and included a "Quote of the Day" with our chat mailer.

Quotes are selected based (loosely) on these criteria:

  1. They're funny, interesting, or thought-provoking. (Our members don't disappoint in this category; we usually have plenty to choose from.)

  2. They're self-contained. They have to be understandable out of the context of the chat.

  3. No member is quoted twice in the same week. A friendly "most quoted" competition has grown up amongst the regulars, and we try to spread the wealth a little.

It seemed a pity that such good quotes were so ephemeral, so we decided to prolong their lives by giving them a home on our Website. Here, then, is a complete archive of the O*W*C's forum quotes.

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