AUTHOR INTERVIEWS Downloadable logs of Web chat author interviews.

The O*W*C often plays host to authors and other SF luminaries. You can find logs of those interviews here.

Note: Our interviews are normally run as protocol chats. If you plan to attend one, please make sure you understand how protocol works.

Blevins, Tippi2002-11-15View Log
Blevins, Tippi N2001-10-18View Log
Cadigan, Pat1993-09-22View Log
Cadigan, Pat1996-04-29View Log
Crispin, Anne C1998-01-27View Log
Datlow, Ellen2000-02-10View Log
Davidson, Keay1999-10-29View Log
Eggleton, Bob2003-01-31View Log
Event Horizon1998-07-30View Log
Flynn, Michael F1998-05-14View Log
Gallagher, Diana G & Martin Burke1998-10-01View Log
Gifford, Lazette2002-02-21View Log
Gwinn, Beth & Stanley Wiater2001-11-15View Log
Haldeman, Joe2001-01-30View Log
Hopkins, Brian2002-11-22View Log
Hopkins, Brian A1997-11-22View Log
Kress, Nancy1998-11-12View Log
Kuzminski, Dave2001-11-01View Log
Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve2003-01-24View Log
Leigh, Stephen2003-01-06View Log
Leigh, Steve1993-11-15View Log
Lindholm, Megan1998-01-15View Log
Live Chats from WHC20022002-04-11View Log
Moon, Raechel (Roach)2001-10-11View Log
Nye, Jody Lynn2002-12-13View Log
Powers, Tim2000-06-16View Log
Reeves, Phoebe2000-04-21View Log
Ringo, John2002-12-02View Log
Sawyer, Robert J1999-05-30View Log
Shanahan, John2001-11-29View Log
Simmons, Dan1995-12-04View Log
Smith, Kristine2001-09-28View Log
Snyder, Lucy2001-11-08View Log
Steele, Allen1996-05-20View Log
Steele, Allen2002-11-25View Log
Steinberg, Gene & Grayson2000-07-14View Log
Turtledove, Harry2001-10-04View Log
Turtledove, Harry2002-03-05View Log
Van Pelt, James2003-02-17View Log
Van Pelt, Jim1997-08-14View Log
Walotsky, Ron1998-02-19View Log
Walotsky, Ron1998-03-12View Log
Welch, Patrick2001-10-25View Log
Welch, Patrick2003-02-24View Log
Wharton, Ken2001-12-06View Log
White, Lori Ann2002-01-17View Log

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