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01/2009 02/2009
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As the hastily gathered crowd of scientists, diplomats, and military personnel began to scream in agony as waves of mysterious but lethal "Zeta radiation" washed over them, General Hornsby's last, horrified thought was the realization that absolutely everyone had misunderstood the alien robot's first and only statement since descending from its vehicle. In what was obviously a reference to its pie-shaped spaceship, the robot had actually stated: "We come in pizza." (Shadow)

"People of the Earth -- we have come for your elbows." (Shadow)

Doya Kindalikemy Necktie (Min Donner)

Only one thought ran though the minds of the soldiers about to repel the invaders from the planet ReynoldsWrap, "Donít accidentally bite down on them!" (Min Donner)

Are you glad to see me or is that just a Ray Gun in your Visor? (BLR WIZ)

First Contact occurred at the Academy Awards when the aliens landed looking for their young. (DaleB)

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Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Bueller and the beast. (Min Donner)

03/2009 04/2009
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"Say, your gray is showing." (Shirley)

Ahh Mercy, my dear sweet wife. With you life is sunshine and roses. I wonder what I would be like with out you. (Min Donner)

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ABCís Rockiní New Yearís Eve took a horrible turn when, his outer shell failing, the real Dick Clark emerged. (Min Donner)

05/2009 06/2009
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"That? That's the money you could be saving with Geico."(daleb)

"Captain, my tricorder readings indicate that we've been rendered completely uncaptionable." (Shadow)

"Jim, logic would indicate that, given her height, successful coitus could not be achieved."
"Spock, I don't believe in no-win situations." (Shadow)

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In an ironic twist of fate, two leading clergy members of the Cult of the Bill Cosby were killed when the Holy Vat of Jell-O they were replenishing collapsed and smothered them both, proving once and for all that sometimes, there just isnít any more room for Jell-O. (Min Donner)

07/2009 08/2009
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This is the last time that I use this service for a Blind Date. (BLR WIZ)

An adult Linus finally confronts the Great Pumpkin after learning the evil truth about the creature. (DaleB)

09/2009 10/2009
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Much to her surprise, Marcy realized it wasn't the emergency brake she had spent the past four miles rubbing. (Min Donner)

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11/2009 12/2009
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"Operation Afghani Freedom officially ended today as US forces turned over control to popularly elected Taliban leaders..." (S23)

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