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01/2007 02/2007
Image to be Captioned

New on the WB: Gong Show Extreme! (Chip)

Downsizing at EuroDisney has greatly increased gross income this quarter; however, those gains were offset by an uptick in legal fees and insurance premiums. (figgy)

Electronic judging equipment at St. Lucia's Girls School annual talent show spared the audience from Mary Katherine's jazz-tap rendition of 'Inna Gadda Da Vida'. (figgy)

At Our Lady Of Perpetual Libido Catholic Girls Academy & Pro-Life Paramilitary Institute, the penance for impure thoughts consists of three Hail Marys, four Our Fathers....and 68 seconds at eight gees on the newly installed "Sin-trifuge." (Shadow)

Interstellar Idol- You'll get Hooked! (PMvanova)

NBC's Dateline will be the first to admit that during the filming of the first installment of "To Catch a Predator" they may have taken a too literal interpretation of the phrase "jail bait." (Min Donner)

I am not going to pay a lot for this muffler! (figgy)

Image to be Captioned

Paintball contestants on the edge. (StompTokyo)

As Colonel Kennedy glanced down during parade inspection for basic training commencement, he found himself internally conflicted over the recently instituted "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding cyborg dwarves. (Shadow)

Fidel Castro (seated), pictured with his brother Raul (right), at a press conference to announce El Presidente's successful upgrade to Microsoft's Vista Muerte operating system. Also in attendance were Generalissimo Proteccion Faulte and Colonel Panic. (figgy)

"beedy-beedy. We're not in Kansas anymore, Buck." (figgy)

"Rabbit season!" (figgy)

I hope you didn't pay a lot for that muffler... Twiki. (figgy)

Why did you lose the war? I'll tell you why. Because with all your robot power and all your robot weapons and all your robot logic there is on thing that humans can do that robots can't. When the chips are down and our backs are against the wall, mankind calls on the one ability that robots lack. The ability to grow enormous mustaches!! (Min Donner)

03/2007 04/2007
Image to be Captioned

This isn't a very good remake of All Quiet on the Western Front. (StompTokyo)

"I knew I should have turned left at Albuquerque!" (Schmuck)

Before the Geico ad campaign, he had appeared in some less-than-wholesome productions, as seen here. (figgy)

Is this the way to Woodstock???? (BLRWIZ)

In a bold move guaranteed to annoy fans, Tom Scholz decided to use a “Future Lizard emerging from the Big Dig Project” as album cover instead of the bands more famous, and less esoteric, Flying Guitar. (Min Donner)

Image to be Captioned

Flip that house! (figgy)

Note to anyone thinking about having children: This is what your house will look like. Constantly. This is not a caption, it is a public service announcement. (Chip)

Mom always said "Don't play ball in the house." (Min Donner)

This undated photo released by the California Attorney General show the dramatic rescue of "Little Timmy" from his room in Neverland Ranch. Little Timmy was in shock, repeatedly screaming "Jesus Juice, I need my Jesus Juice." (Min Donner)

Undated publicity still of Janet and Michael Jackson’s new video for a remix of "Ebony and Ivory" (Min Donner)

Even though the concrete and rebar vault had kept psychokinetic wunderkind Elliot "call me Henry" Thoroughgood in check for several years, his exoskeleton-clad attendant knew all bets were off when she heard the faint melody of the Good Humor truck wafting in on the ventilation system. (Shadow)

05/2007 06/2007
Image to be Captioned

In the future, Whack-a-Mole still exists. (StompTokyo)

The stop-light monster looked upon its army of squeegee-wielding indigents and knew that world domination would come one block at a time. (Shadow)

As soon as those lights turn green, I am outta here! (figgy)

Image to be Captioned

"Hey, we get paid big quatloos to wear these funny little hats!" (Schmuck)

What do you mean that no one brought the popcorn? (BLR WIZ)

"You shall address this council as 'Your Lordship' or 'Eminence'. 'Tinky-winky' and 'La-la' are unacceptable!" (figgy)

07/2007 08/2007
Image to be Captioned

Vegas wedding chapels...of the future! (StompTokyo)

"Fantastic Voyage II: Director's cut, scene 46. The crew encounters an unexploded IUD." (figgy )

Image to be Captioned

"Ted Danson supervises Whoopi's makeover in preparation for her debut as co-host of The View." (figgy)

"Leroy, how many times have I told you not to hang out at Ralph's Vegitarian Poodle Clipping???" (Schmuck)

Yummy... That was a fast delivery for supper.....
I didn't tip the delivery boy, I just let him live.
Sort of..... (BLR WIZ)

09/2007 10/2007
Image to be Captioned

Standing in the shadow of the latest three-dimensional scientific rendering of a typical female of the species, Dr. Hans Verklempt gestured dramatically as he explained the link between high albedo and the demise of Chrome-Agnon man. (Shadow)

"Not only can she cook, do dishes, laundry, clean house and give great massages, she can program your VCR and satellite TV too!" (Schmuck)

"This is my blind date?" (daleb987)

Image to be Captioned

It's a little-known fact that soon after the first amphibians crawled from the primordial oceans, they evolved trigger fingers and a lot of attitude. (Chip)

"Relax, you paranoid humanoids! It's just a cigar lighter!" (Schmuck)

"Apparently Greedo did shoot first." (figgy)

"I was just asking for a cigarette." (Daleb987)

Just another Friday Night out on the town. Boys will be Boys..... (BLR WIZ)

11/2007 12/2007
Image to be Captioned

"For the third time, we are not here as extras for Luke and Leia. We just need to know how to get back to the right studio." (Daleb987)

Photo For Prom Night In 2274, Just Before Carousel! (BLR WIZ)

Image to be Captioned

"Breaker-breaker -- drop the hammer and dump the double nickel. Clear out that front door, 'cuz we got ourselves a CONVOY!" (Shadow)

Awww....come on! Doesn't anyone want to play hockey? (Min Donner)

In the violent, lawless world of the future, where nuclear holocaust has made life a living hell, the survivors of this barren waste land search for the one thing that makes life bearable, the Hostess Ding Dong. (Min Donner)

Attention newly arriving passengers, the white zone is for loading and unloading only. There is to be no parking in the white zone and thank you for flying Quantas airlines. (Min Donner)

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