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01/2005 02/2005
Image to be Captioned

Are we then yet? (figgy)

Ignore his whining. He knows he gets put in a cage if he doesn't "Come along, little doggie." (Karen)

"If only Gene and Roy could see me now! Momma don't let your babies grow up to be rexboys..." (SpaceCowboy)

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Jello wrestling is so much tastier. (Karen)

Where's my shotgun? That bird is going to DIE. (Karen)

"A bath! A galactic empire for a mint herb bubble bath!" (Ara)

"What the hell kind of stupid ZERO-G toilet is that???" (Schmuck)

"Giant Economy-Size" is a good concept for laundry detergent. Not so much for mudpacks. (Chip)

03/2005 04/2005
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This way, gals... I see a Macy's behind that dune. (figgy)

"Shushhh!!! I hear the mating call of the wild SF General Host. Even though they're about extinct, we may have ourselves a barbecue tonight !!!" (Schmuck)

I'm telling you, we have to put the volleyball net further up on the beach. (Anaparenna)

Image to be Captioned

~0/ B-b-b-billion dollar babies... ~0/ (figgish)

"I'm sorry my queen, but Host Astra is the fairest of them all!" (Anonymous)

Hey, is that one of those fecal matter lights? What are you staring at? (AlbertWesker)

"This is The Central Scrutinizer. If you have to load or unload, please use the white zone." (Schmuck)

Cheer me up, but I'm feelin' blue... (Cerrasil)

05/2005 06/2005
Image to be Captioned

"Here is my plan. We will smother Mechagodzilla with my lapels." (StompTokyo)

"As your supreme overlord and commander I, Shadow, have the power and the - GLAVEN!! Muay, with the standing and the hunching, and the ill-fitting uniform!" (figgy)

All right - who put Superglue on the table? (Karen)

So do I get the loan or not? (BLRWIZ)

Image to be Captioned

Keanu's annual doctor visit. (Just kidding... Keanu would never pass a Turing test.) (figgy)

"Can you hurry-up Doc? I have a hot date tonight!" (Schmuck)

Of course ... everything goes wrong one day after the warranty ends. (Karen)

This is carrying safe sex way too far.... (BLRWIZ)

You've got great reflexes, but I'm a little concerned about your indigestion. (Anaparenna)

07/2005 08/2005
Image to be Captioned

Kabuki plays...of the future! (StompTokyo)

Do these earmuffs make me look fat? (figgy)

I had my doctor check them, and they're just freckles. Whew! (Anaparenna)

Now what was that you wanted to deduct on your Taxes? (BLRWIZ)

Stop it, Anakin! You're making me blush! (mtoney)

I do need to get more sun, but I burn so easily. (BLRWIZ)

I don't care if you are a Jedi.... You shouldn't have taken my last can of diet Pepsi.... (BLRWIZ)

Image to be Captioned

There's Bea Arthur, but boy has Rue McClanahan let herself go. (Chip)

o/~ ..and then there's Maude... o/~ (figgy)

I knew that I should have upgraded to 1st class.... (BLRWIZ)

09/2005 10/2005
Image to be Captioned

"Make sure you shoot me from my good side." (StompTokyo)

Need to get a trim - this Mohawk is draggin' me down! (Karen)

"Do Wah Ditty Ditty Dum Ditty Do" (Medievalbk)

Pardon me, but is this the bus for Passaic? (figgy)

"When you're a chicken from Hell, nobody dares to ask you why you're crossing the road. Heh...heh..heh." (Medievalbk)

Polly wants a cracker. NOW! (Chip)

"I am NOT a sock puppet!!!" (Schmuck)

"Just a bad hair day, folks. Nothing to scream about." (Ara)

Col. Sanders Extra Crispy Chicken Wings. The Family Bucket. It delivers itself. (BLRWIZ)

Image to be Captioned

"Hey, Buck, do you think the Webmaster forgot to change the image for October? Maybe somebody should tell her next time." (Chip)

"Hey Buck, I tried to update the Webmaster's memory CHIP but I think something got tweaked the wrong way!" (Schmuck)

A young C3PO takes a moment to wonder about his future. (Daleb987)

"Does my head look like a penis?" (Medievalbk)

11/2005 12/2005
Image to be Captioned

"I only have FOUR hands. It's with six you get eggroll." (Medievalbk)

Cooking up too much time on my hands!!! (Darkomik77)

"Julia Child eat your heart out!" (Schmuck)

"Now, I really need a cupful of dragon's dung." (Araius)

Ever the stickler for detail and fresh ingredients, the star of the Food Network's "Kooking With Kali" begins her Vindaloo Chicken episode with: "First, you strangle your own chickens. Preferably with a silken cord." (Shadow)

NO SOUP FOR YOU! (Peanut5150)

Good Afternoon and Welcome to "Lt. Uhura Can Cook" (Min Donner)

Image to be Captioned

In the Iraqi army, the job with the highest turnover is convoy landmine sweeper. (Min Donner)

Out for his evening stroll around the arcology perimeter, Lu-Wan7 again questioned the wisdom of his decision to upload the consciousness of his dying dog into the navigational computer of a tractor-trailer. (Shadow)

Jjjjeeeeessshhh!!!! Didn't we spray for AI's just last week Honey? (BLRWIZ)

Confucious says: Man who runs behind truck gets exhausted; man who runs in front of truck gets tired. (figgy)

In this year's Buns of Steel competion, Darryl Whithers set both new speed and endurance records for towing a semitrailer three miles in 47 minutes by clenching the rope using only his butt cheeks. (Vilyehm)

Don't swat at it! It just makes them angry! (Anaparenna)

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