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01/2004 02/2004
Image to be Captioned

Safe sex, Fifties-style. (Chip)

This will teach you to leave the toliet seat up!!! (BLRWIZ)

"I swear I saw some apes gibbering in front of a monolith out there!"
"Sure, whatever you say dear." (SpaceCowboy X9)

Our lovely hostess shows how to apply the 'Condom for the New Millennium(tm)'. (f-f-f-f-figgy)

Image to be Captioned

"It takes two to Tango, Sweetie!" (Schmuck)

The latest weapon in the war on drugs: If you can harvest it, you can smoke it. (Chip)

Every man's nightmare - "It has teeth!" (Karen)

"I can never remember how to tell when they are ripe enough to eat. Is it when the fuzz on top is brown, or when they yield slightly when you press on their tummy?" (ECharles)

03/2004 04/2004
Image to be Captioned

"The Galactic Council will now judge which of you is prettier." (StompTokyo)

"How come Zordan doesn't wear his toupee' anymore?"
"The chin strap made it too obvious!" (SpaceCowboyX9)

"Lady Silicone and Sir Rogaine are here to see you, Sir." (Karen)

This is Divorce Court 3000 A.D.! (Darkomik77)

"What do you say, after this gig, we go back to just doing soaps?" (Schmuck)

Image to be Captioned

With fins for her pleasure! (StompTokyo)

No smart remark - but that sure looks like the back of Fozzie Bear's head sticking out of a golf bag :-) (Karen)

It's just like a real one, only smaller. (f-f-f-f-figgy)

05/2004 06/2004
Image to be Captioned

"We sentence you to...an eternity of hula-hoop!" (StompTokyo)

Live on Broadway! Phil Collins, Richard Kiel, and Winona Ryder star in "Rhapsody!: A Tribute to Queen" (f-f-f-f-figgy)

Did anyone of you bring your credit card? (Ara)

Image to be Captioned

You're supposed to bronze the baby's shoes! (StompTokyo)

"hey, Beavis..." (f-f-f-f-figgy)

Do you want fries with that? (BLRWIZ)

"OK. Cool it with the Gary Coleman jokes!" (Schmuck)

Moments before the opening set of their 2064 centennial tour, the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards remains disgruntled about his inability to make a cigarette dangle properly from the mandibles of his polymer exoskeleton. (Shadow)

07/2004 08/2004
Image to be Captioned

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally figure out how to win a Super Bowl. (StompTokyo)

Breaking news...This year's Velodrome Chili Cook-off winner has just been announced. (figgy, yeah)

My cooking really *does* go BOOM. (Karen)

Concerned about his recently elevated cholestoral levels, Godzilla patiently waited until all the greasy humans had evacuated Tokyo Stadium before applying a liberal dollop of non-hydrogenated butter substitute to the high fiber structure. (Shadow)

Pigmentia, goddess of giant paintballs, was well known on Olympus for her dislike of stadium events featuring reunited 80s hair bands. (Shadow)

After the first trial run, Super Bowl officials agreed that their Anti-Inadvertent Nudity and Wardrobe Failure Device might require minor recalibration. (Shadow)

Emeril Lagasse's Plutonic Hot Sauce BAM! (araius)

Blasters at one hundred paces got a little out of hand (Cerrasil)

FOX TV's Fall Line up: When Energy Beings Attack! (figgy no stutter no more)

Image to be Captioned

Never leave your chimps in the sun too long. (StompTokyo)

o/~ Oompa-loompa, oompa-tee-dee, no silly human says "NO" to me! o/~ (figgy)

09/2004 10/2004
Image to be Captioned

I see that John Holmes DNA I included didn't go to waste. (StompTokyo)

"Victor, you sewed in the wrong thingie!" (araius)

Mm-mm. Nothin' like fresh baby squeezin's for breakfast. (((figgy)))

Wait a second...this isn't the blender I ordered... (anaparenna)

Image to be Captioned

The Ymir knew that he shouldn't have gone to an all-you-can eat buffet. It was just going to ruin his diet. (Chip)

"Red rover, red rover, send Xyrgplak right over!" (figgy)

"Here kitty kitty kitty!" (PMSallume)

"Hey! Can you guys give me directions to Godzilla's clambake???" (Schmuck)

"I just need a good backscratcher and you give me tanks??" (ARARARA)

As the tanks rolled out and the searchlights switched on, Gorgo gazed sadly at the rows of humans, realizing that, once again, he had missed last call. (Shadow)

Watch out for the kung-fu action grip, men! (NathnielK)

And they have such chewy soft centers with just a bit of crunch. (BLR WIZ)

11/2004 12/2004
Image to be Captioned

I'm so glad that you decided to join me for "garrotes and margaritas" night, Bob. (figgy)

"After only three Romulan Ales even you are lookin' good!" (Schmuck)

Do you want to come up to my room and see my etchings? (BLR WIZ)

"So, if I turn this knob again, does it go back to a mohawk?" (Shadow)

Image to be Captioned

"Greetings, Earthlings. Take us to your action-figure manufacturers." (Chip)

Dateline 2067 AD: Darth binLaden issues the latest fatwa. (figgy)

"I wish all Power Ranger conventions could be this exciting!!!" (Schmuck)

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