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New from the promoters of XFL! Extreme Duck Hunting! (Chip)

General, we have the 50 foot woman surrounded. Commencing "Operation Barry White".. (Figgy)

"Yes, ma'am, we'll get your Kzin out of that tree." (Figgy)

Captain, the OWC webadmin appears to have barricaded herself behind a wall of empty Fresca cans and stuffed squid." (MF3K)

05/2002 06/2002
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"To show that I am a just and reasonable god, Captain Kirk, we shall Indian leg-wrestle for the release of your crew." (Figgy)

"The good news, Captain is that Nurse Chapel is in no danger. The bad news is that the planet seems to have been based not on Rome, but on ancient *Greek* society." (Figgy)

And now here's Apollo, in an off-the-shoulder creation by Hera's Handmades. (Gandalara)

"Who needs a 'Bowflex?" (T83BIRD)

I command you to refer to me as "Empress of Haute Couture!" (Bren)

"Honey, the shrinkwrap ain't working!" (Araiused)

"I can never remember... are those Doric or Ionic columns?" (Parth. Anon. and on and on...)

Does this prove to you that Stresh Brand Togas really are "One size fits all?" (Jarguard)

Image to be Captioned

Hey! Let's go snorkling! It'll be fun!!!! (Darkomik77)

"Stop me if you've heard this one... A scientist, an elephant, and a sea turtle walk into a transporter booth..." (figgy)

**fyi...chinese finger trap on nose is NOT a good thing! (Sara Laughs)

Kiss me! I'm Yoda's evil twin. (Darkomik77)

I should have never asked for that extra shot of collagen for my upper lip ... (Gandalara)

Yo! Let's go snorkling at the seas of Uranus. No. Not that one. I referring to a planet, smarty pants. (Darkomik77)

"I didn't lie, honest, I didn't..." (Araiused)

"... so he turns to the bartender and says ' I brought my swimming trunk. ' ... Funny, huh?" (figgy)

I grok for vacuuming your entire apartment room, the kitchen area, living room, & the bathroom. In that order. (Darkomik77)

Hey guys! Check this out! Martian coke! Have a sniff! (Darkomik77)

07/2002 08/2002
Image to be Captioned

"Hitch that souffle up a notch. BAM!" (Ara)

"I'd like to get this prescription for Midol filled." (Chip)

The clothes-penetrating viewfinder on the latest handgun proves to be a liability for libidinous fembots who happen to be targeting Harrison Ford. (figgy)

What part of "Don't touch there" do you not understand? (Darkomik77)

"Do these pants make me look fat?" (figgy)

Die, Martha Stewart! (MToney)

Caption this or else! (Darkomik77)

I wanted BIGGER ones! (Moira McD)

Image to be Captioned

"One more crack, Cornelius, about forcing you to wear a monkey suit whenever we go out, and I'm gonna..." (figgy)

Pardon me sir, could you give us directions as to where the Apeholics Anonymous meetings were held at? (Darkomik77)

If PETA could see us now... (Darkomik77)

In the year 2014, two experimental apes, Cornelius & Zira, took a shuttle trip to Mars for their investigation into the legendary Tomb of Yoh Vombis. They were never heard from again. Four years later, the film was found at the Martian crater. (Darkomik77)

You put your right paw in ... you put your right paw out ... you put your right paw in and you shake it all about ... (Karen)

"Oh dear! Bobo, look what that purple cloud's turned you into!"... (AraWeThereYet)

09/2002 10/2002
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"I'll give you thirty minutes to stop that, dear." (figgy)

Shocking true story of people who glow in the dark! That's next on the Sci Fi Channel edition of Sightings! (Darkomik77)

Who says lightnings don't strike twice?! This is my fifth! (Darkomik77)

Although Joan was comfortable with most effects of menopause, she never quite got used to the hot flashes. (Chip)


Image to be Captioned

"Who's a Klingon now, punk?" (figgy)

"Alright! Where's that beauty salon I've looking for over two hours?!" (Darkomik77)

The prototype bionic nose wasn't as inconspicuous as its inventors had hoped. (Chip)

Who you callin' curleylocks? (Star)

You there! Untangle my wires, or else... (ARA)

Take me to your leader! And I don't mean Ronald Reagan or L.Ron Hubbard! You know who I'm referring to! (Darkomik77)

I can't believe I let them talk me into this!!!! (Orfhlaith)

If you ask me where Mr. Kotter is one more time------ (prfsorfate)

Scientology is a religion of peace, too. (figgy)

11/2002 12/2002
Image to be Captioned

Tequila in the 23rd Century. (Chip)

Fighting caterpillars from Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. (Darkomik77)

"Could you wormslide over here to my parallel beaker?" (ARA)

Image to be Captioned

These Mormon weddings just keep getting weirder. (Chip)

"You can feel the tension in the air, folks, as we wait for the bell to begin the final round of the World Jello Rasslin' Olympics." (figgy)

"Waiting for the ladybird to jump out of the cake.. waiting for the ladybird...." (ARA)

OK, just keep staring at it and it will start to look like something (Star)

Logan's Christmas Carol starring Eb Scrooge aged 21! (Darkomik77)

Logan's Last Prayer Meeting (Darkomik77)

"Psst! Ed! Whose funeral is this? Ripley's?" (Darkomik77)

Halt, Blob! We've got you surrounded! :::2" shuffle::: Halt, Blob! We've got you surrounded! (Bren)

They're Going To Eat The Blamange! (RaptorLA)

Stop sulking - Father will be back soon with the marshmallows. (Gandalara)

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